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We have over 20 years of experience in the commercial HVAC industry, serving businesses in an around Charlotte, NC. During that time, we have collected data on a wide variety of HVAC systems and turned that data into actionable information. Our trained HVAC technicians are uniquely positioned to offer information and solutions that support your operation with the least expenditures, all in an effort to help you make your toughest HVAC decision: repair or replace.


At Thermal Conditioning, our experienced commercial HVAC technicians make each recommendation by estimating when your next issue is likely to arise. This revolutionary way of looking at commercial HVAC management allows you to better understand the long-term cost of your repairs and make the best decisions for employee comfort and company cash flow.

Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is an essential investment for any business or commercial firm. Ignoring one HVAC problem leads to more and, before you know it, your entire office is experiencing distractions from the extreme cold or warm working environment. Through preventative maintenance services, Thermal Conditioning checks your systems to make sure that everything is running smoothly and finds any potential issues that could result in costly damages or repairs.


Aquatic Center HVAC Design & Maintenance

Aquatic center HVAC systems are vastly different from everyday commercial units and require a climate control system in order to maintain the ideal internal temperature. Thermal Conditioning provides regular check-ups to make sure that we can detect and stop problems before they occur in your commercial pool, natatorium, or aquatic center.


Building Automation & Energy Management Systems

Energy management systems provide the latest equipment in advanced diagnostic and automated control technologies. In building automation for an EMS, scientists keep many key factors in mind in order to help minimize costs of operating your building environment, without sacrificing comfort for the building’s occupants. These HVAC control systems can also track when and if a problem will arise, allowing you to call for a repair instead of a replacement.


Commercial Pool Heater and Sauna Repair

In a facility with a commercial pool, it is critical that a steady climate is maintained at all times. HVAC designs for pools and saunas are vastly different than those of a commercial building. Our trained technicians understand these differences and can repair issues as they arise.


Commercial Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

Boilers are generally durable and do not malfunction easily, but when an issue comes up, you’ll want a team of knowledgeable professionals there to help. Thermal Conditioning offers boiler repair and maintenance on any type or brand of commercial boiler. Regular maintenance can help improve the lifespan of your commercial boiler.

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