HVAC Maintenance & Preventative Care

When your HVAC system fails, productivity usually goes with it.

Preventative maintenance on HVAC systems is a necessity in a commercial environment, but it’s something that many people don't consider until a big fix is needed. Problems like temperature spikes and drops, sudden breakage, or clunky noises bring incredible distractions to workflow, but they can be easily prevented. By checking in on a month to month basis to assess any issues, Thermal Conditioning can help prevent sudden HVAC problems and save your company from workflow disruptions, hefty costs, and time-consuming replacements.

In a manufacturing environment, even the smallest environmental change in temperature or humidity can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production time or defective products. Regular HVAC maintenance can help your office stay comfortable during extreme temperature seasons, help you cut costs by preventing unnecessary breakdowns, and help keep your air quality under control.

A revolutionary approach to commercial HVAC maintenance

For years, HVAC maintenance and repair has followed the same model. You spend a ton of money on a new system, which works for a while. But then it breaks. You receive bids and quotes, hire someone to do the repair work, and everything runs fine for a while. Then it breaks again and you start the whole process over from the beginning. Sound familiar? Thermal Conditioning is pioneering a better way.

Driven by data

As we have worked in the Charlotte area for the past 20 years, we have been gathering data to help remedy the “break/fix cycle” that plagues the commercial HVAC industry. As we onboard new clients, the data we have gathered guides our decisions so that no matter the facility, we can provide the best services for the best price.

At Thermal Conditioning, we back each recommendation with the information you need to predict the effectiveness of a repair and estimate when your next issue is likely to arise. This revolutionary way of looking at commercial HVAC management allows you to better understand the long-term cost of your repairs and make the best decisions for employee comfort and company cash flow.

A/C Breaking Down

Commercial HVAC Repairs: Breaking the "break/fix cycle"

A repair is only a success until the next issue occurs. Thermal Conditioning employees are trained to look beyond the symptoms of your system to find the underlying cause of your issue. In this way, we not only fix the problem, but extend the useful life of your system and reduce the number of service calls you need in the future.

We also offer a 1 year extended warranty on all repairs. This warranty goes beyond our repair work, covering the entire unit and all components within the footprint (excluding thermostat, electrical disconnects, and wiring) all for less than the cost of your average repair. It’s time to get your HVAC maintenance done right the first time.

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