Aquatic Center HVAC Design & Maintenance

From Aquatic Centers to Sauna Repairs and everything else in between

Thermal Conditioning offers repairs for a range of aquatic systems like pool heaters, natatoriums, saunas, hot tubs, steam units, and more! Each of these has unique designs and come with common problems that can arise from a lack of proper maintenance. HVAC preventative maintenance can ease your worries and prevent any “hard to fix” problems from occurring that would slow your business down.

The last thing you want is your indoor aquatic facility to have to close down due to a sudden issue with the climate controls. This is a common issue with pools and hot tubs that can easily be avoided with Thermal Conditioning’s preventative maintenance.

We have experience in many aquatic center HVAC designs, assuring you that no matter what problem there may be, we can solve it.

Aquatic Center Climate Control

Commercial indoor pools have very different HVAC design and maintenance requirements than other commercial spaces. They demand special monitoring for the constant challenge of climate control. It’s also not realistic to expect your pool staff or pool maintenance company to be able to maintain commercial HVAC equipment for your indoor aquatic center.

Natatoriums can malfunction quickly, so the typical six-month or yearly dehumidifier check-up by an HVAC service contractor isn’t enough to proactively detect potentially damaging problems. It is essential to have ongoing preventative commercial pool maintenance in order to catch problems before they arise.

A high-quality aquatic center HVAC design can help you prevent mold and unpleasant odors while reducing the risk of corrosion and structural deterioration. We provide heating and air conditioning solutions for commercial indoor pools, hotel pools, commercial aquatic facilities, and university pools.

Collegiate Aquatic Center Maintenance

Commercial indoor pools

Commercial Aquatic Facilities

Commercial aquatic facilities

Hotel Pool Repair

Hotel pools

Aquatic Center Climate Control

University pools

Commercial Pool Heater and Sauna Repair

Owning a commercial aquatic center comes with the risk of a breakdown, leading you to close down the facility for repairs and costing you time and money. General contractors may go in, tune up your machine, and call it a day. That’s not how we operate.
Thermal Conditioning is committed to providing the highest quality service and maintenance for your facilities. We provide preventative maintenance for all of our clients and monitor their units to catch any potential problems before they happen. We’re committed to breaking the “break/fix” cycle in the commercial HVAC and aquatic center industries.

We specialize in diagnostics and repair work on commercial:

  • Pool heaters
  • Nataoriums
  • Saunas
  • Hot tubs
  • Steam units

Installed by a Factory Trained Technician

As with any HVAC system, sizing, installation, and calibration impact the performance and effectiveness of your pool dehumidification system. Our factory trained technicians are certified, experienced, and perfectly suited to assess and address any fixes or maintenance needed in the Greater Charlotte area.

With over 20 years in the HVAC game, our work is backed by data-driven decisions and factory trained technicians. Contact us today or check out the other services that we provide.

The Thermal Conditioning advantage:

  • We take the time to understand your needs
  • You will have an experienced team to help you choose the correct application
  • Our technicians are factory-trained and committed to getting the job done right
  • We have years of experience with indoor pool climate control systems
  • We also provide skilled maintenance and repair services to keep your dehumidification system in optimal working condition

Let us know what type of pool your building has! We can reduce your pool room energy costs by controlling humidity and temperature with the right system.

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