HVAC Building Automation & Energy Management Systems

For over 20 years, we have earned a reputation for providing value to our customers through high-quality HVAC consulting services and efficient, cost-effective, customized solutions. Using the latest equipment in advanced diagnostic and automated control technologies, we are able to minimize the cost of operating your building environment without sacrificing occupant comfort.

Thermal Conditioning can provide a complete solution for commercial, institutional, and government facilities, integrating HVAC controls and wireless thermostat systems, building automation controls, and energy management systems.

Building Automation Services, HVAC Control Systems, & Energy Management Systems

HVAC Control Systems, Energy Management Systems, and advanced Building Automation Services are crucial for large or specialized facilities needing to maintain precise, consistent conditions. Once properly set up, systems like these allow for more efficient management, reduce energy consumption, and lower utility bills and building ownership expenses.

However, a damaged or faulty system can create a number of costly issues for your facility. In fact, even a serviceable older system could end up costing you thousands every year.

As a facility owner or manager, you should consider the age of your system, whether it’s still supported, its performance, and how your facility’s needs have changed over the years. If you have a concern with even one of these, it’s time to give Thermal Conditioning a call.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control Systems offer numerous advantages over conventional manual switches. Not only do they reduce energy consumption by dimming or shutting off lights not in use, they also give the ability to control lights from a central device, allow for longer bulb life, and improve employee satisfaction by providing appropriate amounts of life. Wireless lighting control systems offer even more benefits including increased flexibility on where you can install controls and sensors, scalability, and of course, no wires.

Lighting control systems are not without their faults though and there are many reasons why a system may need repairing or be ultimately replaced. Other times, a manufacturer no longer offers support. In any of theses cases, your best bet is to call Thermal Conditioning to evaluate your needs.

Why Thermal Conditioning, Inc.

With over 20 years of experience, Thermal Conditioning has become one of the Carolina’s leading experts in commercial HVAC. We use data collected by our team to provide you with the information needed to accurately predict the effectiveness of a repair and estimate when you may experience an issue next. This data driven approach allows us to create a totally customized solution that will ultimately reduce energy consumption, create consistent conditions, and lower your overall costs.

The result? Reduced energy consumption, consistent conditions, and lower overall costs.

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